Silver Lining Farm Team



Lucas - Farmer 

Motorcycle Enthusiast. Mastermind behind the whole operation. Lucas oversees the day-to-day activities of the farm.  His belief that the quality of life is measured with a healthy, nutritional diet makes it a priority in delivering the best food possible to the table.  No rock is left unturned.

In his spare time, he's breathing the open air on his Harley.  



Saovi - Farm Assistant

Photography Enthusiast.  Seeker of Nature’s beauty, Saovi infuses her Asian upbringing into the farm.  Her passion for health and beauty invokes superior quality for our produce and animal breeds, while bringing friends, family, and neighbors together to form a strong healthy community.


Aiden - Farmer in Training 

When he's not on the football field, Aiden accompanies Lucas with the day-to-day activities of running the farm.  
From constructing to rebuilding fences, his goal to seeking a healthy lifestyle, earns him the badge - Seeker of Health.


Reese - Farmer in Training 

From Fortnite to Roblox to caring for our animals, Reese is an asset.  His premier task is to gather daily eggs, and mowing and maintaining the aesthetics of the farm.


Zoey - Farm Security 

Don't let her size fool you.  This Miniature Australian Shepherd is all work, from herding cattle to fending the chickens from foxes, she's not to be reckon with.  Zoey is our farm's hostess and tour guide.

Gizmo copy.jpg

Gizmo - Farm Security 

Field mice and moles do not stand a chance when he is on duty.  A free spirit with a sense of calmness, Gizmo roams the farm ridding it of pests.  He is passionate and takes his responsibilities with pride.

Lucy - Farm Security 

Our faithful guardian, Lucy, unexpectedly retired September 18, 2019.  In her prime, she could be seen scampering all over the property, chasing rabbits and squirrels, dancing alongside the Gator, and supervising the Farmers on their daily tasks.  Although a ruthless Farm Security, Lucy is extremely personable with children and adults alike.  Her remarkable personality was loved by all who were blessed to have known her.  She was one in a million.  Her legacy will be etched on this farm forever.

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