About Silver Lining Farm

Baby steps and leaps of faith brought us (Lucas and Saovi) to where we are today.  We moved our family from Reston to Viewtown, Virginia in 2014, to pursue and raise fresh, healthy high quality food for our family, friends, and community.  We celebrate imperfections, banish food taboos, and always strive to be real and relatable - walking the walk.


Silver Lining Farm is a family farm working and cultivating together respectfully for a sustainable future.  Our goal is to provide value and growth to our farm while providing quality agricultural products with diligence and integrity.  We strive to maintain the family farm values through hard work, respect, and preservation of the land for those our products and produce touch.


Our quaint family farm spends every day growing crops and improving the process to become leaders in producing a high quality, safe, healthy, and affordable food source.  We sell pasture raised farm fresh eggs, natural grass-fed beef, pasture raised chickens, and heirloom produce. We invite you to grow with us and become part of a sustainable, diverse, local food community.

Watering the Garden
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